How much does it cost to be cremated, you might be wondering? Then you should know that while it is cheaper to be cremated than buried, even this comes at some significant costs. Read on to find out more as to why this costs so much.



While cremation is more affordable than a traditional burial, it still comes at a premium cost. Funeral homes keep their standard pricing above the $500 range due to crematorium maintenance costs, as well as staff and equipment-related expenses. Nevertheless, prices vary and some locations charge as much as a couple thousand dollars for the same services.

The following long answer features prices depending on funeral homes and their location. In the following, you can read a breakdown of cremation costs and details explaining them.

Average Cremation Prices

  • The average cost of a standard cremation is between $800 and $900.
  • New York City is the most expensive location by far, with a maximum fee of $10,500 per cremation, but you can get one as economical as $550.
  • Other American cities, such as Washington DC, Providence Houston, Chicago, or Dallas have prices in the $4,000 to $7,500 range.
  • Direct cremations are the low-cost alternative, as they do not include other funeral proceedings. When these are requested, additional charges ensue.

Additional Costs

A direct and low-cost cremation avoids typical funeral expenses, such as purchasing a casket and transporting it, embalming and preparing the body for the viewing and the wake, and purchasing a plot of land. The average price for such an event is in the $4,000 area, and this doesn’t include cemetery fees.

However, cremations are often accompanied by a funeral service in its own right. It is different than the one held at a traditional burial, as it is more of a memorial, but it does come at a cost. The average sum for it varies between $2,000 and $3,000, but in some states, it can exceed that by far. Plus, some people prefer to have their ashes buried in a cemetery.

In addition to this, other factors might contribute to the upping of the price as well. The direct cremation fee includes collecting the deceased from a hospital or morgue, but not a residential address. What is more, barometric charges are applied if the body is overweight. Finally, selecting a casket or urn for the ashes comes as a supplementary expense as well.

Top Places for Cremations

Cypress Pointe Cremation

  • Cypress Pointe Cremation is an affordable service for those in need of mortuary arrangements.
  • A direct cremation costs $785 dollars on average, depending on the franchise location.
  • The standard package contains and includes transportation from the morgue or hospital, the filing of the death certificate, a cremation container, a temporary urn, and an online obituary.
  • Cypress Pointe Cremation also takes care of notifying Social Security.
  • The cremation is performed in-house, as all locations have their own crematory.
  • The funeral home offers multiple service packages, including memorial celebrations, public viewings, and private farewells.
  • The company is based in St. Louis but has multiple locations across the Southern United States.

Cypress Pointe Cremation

Neptune Society

  • Neptune Society is the largest cremation service provider in the United States, with a total of over 45 locations spread across the California area.
  • Its services are available in the counties of Los Angeles, Ventura, San Luis Obispo, and Santa Barbara.
  • A simple and direct cremation costs $1,345 dollars on average, depending on the franchise location of the funeral home.
  • The company has a 40-year experience in the field, and its services include more than cremation.
  • Neptune Society offers cremation pre-planning both in person and online, special veteran cremation ceremonies, and immediate assistance for those grieving.
  • Their website is an excellent place to find free resources on how to cope with a loved one’s passing and on how to handle the necessary formalities.

Neptune Society

Eternal Ascent Society

  • Eternal Ascent Society offers premium cremation services for those who want their ashes to go out in style.
  • The cremated remains of an individual are processed, then place them in a 5-foot biodegradable balloon.
  • The ashes are then transported to a chosen location and released to the heavens.
  • The idea behind it started back in 1996 thanks to one Clyde West.
  • An average ceremony costs around $1,745 dollars.
  • Services range from $995 to $2,500 depending on the franchise and its location.

Eternal Ascent Society

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International Prices

How Much Does Cremation Cost in Canada?

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  • A simple and direct cremation costs around $600 in Canada.
  • Extra fees are applied for additional services, such as a ceremony, an obituary, flowers, and so on. This can raise the price up to $4,500.
  • Some areas of Quebec offer low-cost cremations for as little as $590, while the typical cost in New Brunswick is of $3,000.
  • In Canada, cremations are at a rate of 65% among the list of burial choices, making it the most popular option today.

How Much Does Cremation Cost in the UK?

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  • The cost of an average cremation in the United Kingdom is of 1,710 pounds or $2,180.
  • Prices have gone down almost 7% since last year.
  • Cremations are most expensive in the South West, with a maximum cost of 4,365 pounds or $5,560.

How Much Does Cremation Cost in India?

  • Hindu tradition calls for all adepts to be cremated, except babies, children, and saints.
  • In Sanskrit, the ceremony is known as Antyesti, which translates to “the last sacrifice”.
  • The direct cremation procedure costs between 2,000 and 3,000 rupees, on average. This translates into the sum of $30 to $40 American.
  • Other charges include the ceremony itself and the materials for it, as well as the fee for the priest. This takes the price up to as much as 8,000 rupees, or $110.

Is the Price Right?

In conclusion, the price of a cremation depends on your location, as well as the additional services that come with it. Nevertheless, they are a costly affair. Ceremony fees are usually the ones that spike up the price the most. Depending on the tradition and competition in the area, you can find basic packages for under $600 or over $1,000 in areas such as California.

Fortunately, you can always scout the market and get estimates from multiple locations before making a decision. Feel free to leave your feedback and add any supplementary information you might have.