Privacy Policy

For the sake of simplicity, the team will be called “we”, “our website”, or “this website”.

This is a detailed overview on how gathers, stores, and then offers protection to the data collected from users, both of a personal and of a non-personal nature. Also, we will provide details on the techniques we use to improve our website and thus offer a better browsing experience to our users.

Collected Information collects both non-personal and personal information from its users. The non-personal type of data includes cookies and other internet-specific information. When it comes to personal data, we are unable to collect it if we do not receive the explicit consent of users. Users will receive a notification that informs them of our intentions to collect their personal data and, if they agree to it, they have to express their consent by pressing a button or possible other methods. Only after we receive this approval are we able to collect the data.

The Non-Personal Information We Collect collects information of the non-personally identifiable type that is related to browsing and internet navigation patterns. Since it’s strictly non-personal, we cannot use it to discover or reveal the identity of the users or track them down.

Non-personal information examples:

  • Information related to the browser;
  • Information related to the Internet Service Provider (ISP) – the IP address, for example;
  • Information on the browser history of the users and the patterns they follow when they visit our website;
  • Information on the most visited websites of the users, usually before they come on our website or after they leave it.

The Personal Information We Collect

We cannot collect any kind of information of the personally identifiable kind without asking the users to give their explicit consent and then receiving it. They will receive a notification informing them of our intentions and also asking for their permission to go on with the data collection. They have to give their explicit consent for us to be able to gather the data. If they do not give it, we cannot store any data without their approval.

Also, we rarely gather information that users might perceive as sensitive or that might lead to their identification. Personal information examples: the first and last name of the users, their address, their email, their phone number, and information on their social media accounts. Also, we might collect some data on their gender and location.

The main purpose of this information is either for statistics or for contact. This way, we seek to make our content more relevant and interesting for our users.

At this moment, states that it will never share the personal data it collects from the users to third party companies for monetary benefits.

How We Use Personal Information

As we have already mentioned in the previous sections, we collect this information for statistical purposes. In the end, we seek to better understand the interests of our users so that we can provide them with a better browsing experience.

Also, we might allow several third parties to access this information, but this will never happen for monetary benefits. These third parties that will get access to the data include companies that provide different services for us, such as SEO, web hosting, or marketing. They might also allow a small of their employees to get to this data, but they are strictly forbidden from sharing the information outside of their company.

There is also another situation that might force us to share both personal and non-personal information. We will have to offer this data to local or federal authorities if we are obliged by law, court orders, regulations, or subpoenas.

Caution: This privacy policy does not concern the data collected by the online advertisers that display the ads that our users see on their pages. These third parties function according to their individual privacy policies and are responsible for the information they gather.

Collecting Information

Below, you can read a comprehensive list of all the methods we use to gather personal and non-personal information from our users.

1.      Log Files

Through log files, we can record the seconds that users spend on a particular page on our website, as well as the clicks they make on this page. These tools also help us find out what pages have directed our users towards our page, what internet client they use, and some other browser-specific information. Log files serve strictly a statistical purpose.

We cannot find information on the location and identity of users through log files.

2.      Cookies

Cookies are among the most common internet tools in the world. They are actually code pieces that run in the background, collecting different types of information on browsing patterns and the internet behavior of the users. Just like log files, they serve strictly a statistical purpose.

We cannot find information on the location and identity of users through cookies.

3.      Register Requests (Sign Ups)

This is the only method used to collect personal information, only with the explicit consent of the users. We request our users to register accurate information as a way to link an account to an identity and to check if they are real persons. We use this data to better communicate with our users.

All the data that users provide to us is and will remain confidential.

Protecting Information

To keep everything safe, works through a security system in three steps. These steps include physical, electronic, and managerial protection. We have designed this system to ensure the confidentiality and safety of the user data.