How much does rhinoplasty cost? Quite a lot, as similar to other plastic surgeries, it is not covered by health insurances if done for cosmetic purposes, in the first place (or just for that).



Rhinoplasty, much like any other type of plastic surgery, is an expensive affair because it isn’t covered by health insurance when performed for cosmetic purposes first and foremost, as stated above. How much does rhinoplasty cost? Well, besides the surgery itself, other charges are added to the overall price too. These include surgeon fees, operating room fees, recovery fees, equipment fees, and the cost of medication.

It is important to note that insurance does cover reconstructive rhinoplasty aimed to cure a breathing defect or help with the recovery of severe facial trauma.

The following long answer will explain the differences in prices which usually depend on plastic surgeons and their locations. Following that, you can read a breakdown of rhinoplasty costs and the details explaining them.

Average Rhinoplasty Prices

  • The average cost of a rhinoplasty intervention is situated around the $4,700 mark.
  • This includes $3,500 worth of standard surgeon fees.
  • Costs are influenced by the skill level of the doctor performing the operation, as well as the type of procedure the patient is undergoing and the location of the practice.
  • This figure does not include additional fees such as anesthesia and operating facilities.
  • Prices range from $5,000 all the way up to $10,000, when considering this.

Additional Costs

As previously mentioned, anesthesia and operating facilities fees are added to the base cost of a rhinoplasty. Anesthesia prices range from $600 to $1,000 while booking the operating facilities for the duration of the surgery will have you pay between $700 and $1,100. Other supplementary expenses will come into play as well.

These include medical tests, surgery garments, and the prescription medication that you will have to take to cope with the process of recovery. In addition to this, the initial consultation that establishes the type of surgery you’ll need is also something that you will be charged for. Finally, there is also the matter of second surgeries.

Around 15% of the total rhinoplasties performed require a second intervention, which piles even more onto the total cost of the procedure. This happens because doctors are sometimes unable to tell what the final shape of the nose will be due to the swelling which naturally occurs in the area. As the tumefaction subsides, necessary improvements will become apparent.

Top Places to Get a Rhinoplasty

Jennifer L. Walden, M.D.

  • Originally located in New York City, Dr. Walden relocated her practice to Austin, Texas so that she could balance her work and family life more efficiently.
  • She has been one of Texas’ Super Doctors since 2014.
  • Her rhinoplasty rates vary between $8,000 and $9,000.

Jennifer L. Walden, M.D.

Jeffrey Epstein, M.D.

  • Miami-based plastic surgeon Jeffrey Epstein operates within the South Florida Rhinoplasty practice in Miami.
  • He has an experience of over 20 years in plastic and reconstructive rhinoplasty.
  • He performs four or five cosmetic surgeries of this type per week, on average, and half of them are revisions.
  • Prices range between $10,000 dollars and $15,000 dollars, depending on the intricacy of the operation.

Jeffrey Epstein, M.D.

Paul S. Nassif, M.D.

  • Plastic and reconstructive surgeon Paul Nassif operates in Beverly Hills, California at the Spalding Drive Cosmetic Surgery & Dermatology
  • He is known for his roles in reality series such as Botched! and Dr. 90210 that air on E! Entertainment.
  • He gained international fame among both peers, patients, and the media alike due to his innovative techniques.
  • The prices at his practice are ultra-high-end, with consultations starting at $1,000.
  • This is credited towards the overall cost of the procedure, which averages around $12,000.
  • Prices range between $8,000 and $25,000 depending on the complexity of the surgery.

Paul S. Nassif, M.D.

International Prices

How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost in Canada?

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  • Just like in the case of the United States, rhinoplasties are only covered by health insurance in case of breathing difficulties, trauma, or severe birth defects.
  • Depending on the location and the clinic, prices vary between 3,000 dollars and 12,000 dollars.
  • The average cost of a rhinoplasty in Canada is of 6,500 dollars.

How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost in the UK?

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  • Health insurance rarely covers cosmetic rhinoplasties in the United Kingdom.
  • Average prices for a rhinoplasty in the United Kingdom start at 3,000 pounds or $3,900.
  • However, costs can rise to as much as 5,000 pounds depending on various factors. This translates to roughly $6,500.

How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost in India?

  • Medical tourism is on the rise in India due to the affordable and high-quality rhinoplasties offered by the country’s cosmetic surgeons.
  • The average cost of a rhinoplasty in India is of $1,600 which is the lowest amount encountered thus far.
  • Prices vary from city to city, with Mumbai being the most expensive.
  • A typical rhinoplasty in Mumbai costs $2,200.
  • Bangalore clocks in at a median of $2,000, while New Delhi offers comparable services for just $1,850.

Is the Price Right?

So, how much does rhinoplasty cost? It all depends on the location of the practice and the surgeon’s reputation. Of course, it is always recommendable to spend a bit more and get the procedure done by someone with experience in the field. Otherwise, you will need a revision once the swelling subsides, which can double or triple the original rates.

Do you have any experience with rhinoplasty surgeries? Tell us your story, and feel free to leave your feedback.

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