Houses might occasionally need painting or restoring, and you might want to consider sandblasting them too. However, you should first get informed on the prices of such techniques. So, how much does sandblasting cost? An average cost would be of around $2 per square foot or $40-65 per hour. The national average for sandblasting a 1,500-square foot brick home is $3,000.

Variable by location.


The cost of sandblasting depends on the type of grit you use, the material you remove, the scale of the job, the need for specialty services, and prep work. Additionally, the cost of sandblasting a house varies according to the tools you use, safety measures, and the urgency of completion.

Whether you hire a company or do it yourself by renting or buying a sandblasting kit, the factors we listed will influence the final cost of the procedure too. Also, don’t forget you might need some extra materials that you will have to pay for separately.

Before determining the cost of sandblasting, you will need to know the hourly rate and how many hours the job will take. Small jobs will be more expensive per hour. While the process itself is simple, a great deal of preparation is necessary in order to protect the windows, roof, paint, and landscaping. You also need to factor in the cleanup costs.


Average Sandblasting Costs


  • If you choose to do your own sandblasting, you can rent a sandblaster for $9-$15 a day, an air compressor for $15-$30 a day, and the abrasive will cost around $60 for a 50-pound bag.
  • You can purchase a sandblast kit for about $18 and an air compressor for $90-$200. Because silica sand is a hazardous and toxic substance that can cause silicosis, hiring an experienced sandblasting company might be a better option.

Hiring a Company

  • A company can charge you either by square foot, by the hour, or by the job. Factors that affect the cost of sandblasting are:
    • Cleanup rates
    • Size and condition of the substrate
    • Location and ease of access to the substrate
    • Type of grit used
  • Different substrates or media have various costs, ranging from 80 cents per pound for corn cobs to $4.50 per pound for copper slag. Some substrates can be recycled and reused, which reduces their price.

Here are some average costs and statistics for sandblasting jobs:

  • Average cost for sandblasting an exterior surface is $965.
  • Typical price range for sandblasting an exterior surface is between $540 and $1,575.
  • National average to wet sandblast a house measuring 1,500 square feet/ 139 square meters with silica sand is $3,000.
  • Lowest sandblasting cost for a 1,500 square foot/ 139 square meter home is $1,500 dollars. The price becomes possible when using corn cobs on a log home.
  • It takes about 6 hours for a 1,200 square foot/ 111,5 square meter home to be sandblasted.
  • Average sandblasting cost per square foot varies by the depth of the blast:
    • Brush blast (1/32 inch deep): $1.35-$2.70;
    • Light blast (1/16 inch deep): $2.25-$4.50;
    • Medium blast: $4.50-$7.20;
    • Heavy blast: $6.75-$15.75.
  • Materials, the type of project, the amount of pressure needed, the intensity of labor, and the equipment you use will all affect the cost of sandblasting.


Additional Costs

Aside from the costs of sandblasting described above, you should also take into account that you will probably have to deal with some additional fees. The extra costs can include those for safety measures, such as protective gear or an alternative air supply.

You might also have to pay for permits, as they are required in some areas. Sandblasting might cause serious damage to your house, for example, to the windows, doors, its paint, or other aspects. Consequently, you will also have to pay for any possible damages caused by the sandblasting.

Also, you will have to support the costs for protecting your neighbors’ homes, yards, or for providing them with formal notifications. Neighbors must be given three days’ notice before you begin sandblasting. You will be responsible for any potential damages caused by the sandblasting to your neighbors’ property.

Certain types of grits – such as walnut shell and garnet mineral blasting – will come with additional fees as well. Using dry sandblasting will cost about one dollar more per square foot than wet sandblasting since it’s more difficult to clean up.


Top Places to Go to for Sandblasting


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 Top Notch Sandblasting, LLC

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Alpine Painting and Sandblasting Contractors

  • Locations serviced: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania
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International Sandblasting Prices

How much does sandblasting cost in other countries? Here is some useful information on the price rates of this operation in Canada and the UK. Compared to the US, hourly rates for sandblasting are slightly more expensive in Canada but cost less in the UK.

How Much Does Sandblasting Cost in Canada?

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  • Average rates, including the sand and the hourly cost of sandblasting, should be of C$100-$135.
  • Important companies in Canada:
    • Dragon Sandblasting & Painting, an Alberta-based company active since 1976, specializing in sandblasting and coating, committed to protecting the environment and to safety.

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  • Absolute Blast Co. Mobile services for commercial and industrial applications in the Hamilton, Toronto, and North Bay areas provides trained, experienced, and certified crews.

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How Much Does Sandblasting Cost in the UK?

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  • Average rates:
    • A common price for blast cleaning is 19-39 GBP ($24-$50) per hour.
    • Renting a sandblasting kit costs about 5-9 GBP ($6.4-$11.5) per day.
    • An air compressor is 9-19 GBP ($11.5-$24) per day.
    • Abrasive costs 39 GBP ($50) for 22.7 kg.
    • A new sandblast kit costs 11 GBP ($14).
    • A new air compressor is 58-130 GBP ($74-$166).
  • The cost of sandblasting a house is often quoted on a “per day” basis and is affected by the nature of the job.
  • Some sandblasters give a “per item” price.
  • Important companies in the UK:
    • Baldslow Blast Cleaning, in East Sussex, offers sandblasting for houses, antifouling, ironwork, and swimming pools.
    • Blast Clean Scotland, in Scotland, offers sandblasting for restoration, coating removal, and conservation.

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Is the Price Right?

Therefore, how much does sandblasting cost? The final answer depends on the materials you will be treating and those you’ll be using, the scale of the project, and the number of hours the job will take.

If you take the time to understand the process, to research different deals offered by various companies and follow safety protocols, sandblasting can be a cost-effective solution for many interior and exterior projects.

If you have previous experiences with sandblasting, please share your comments and opinions!

Also, for more serious cleaning needs, now that you know how much does sandblasting cost, you might also do well to check the costs for a mini-excavator.