Terms of Use

For the sake of simplicity, the HucksterRepellent.com team will be called “we”, “our website”, or “this website”.

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Copyright and Intellectual Rights

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Any of these actions will be punished according to the law. This includes spam content as well.

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Using Content on This Website

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Our articles present details on prices, and this kind of information is liable to change over time without our knowledge. We are not responsible for any consequences that might arise from this misinformation.

The Rights and Responsibilities of the User

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Ads and Links

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The Affiliate Program of the Website

Some of these third party links send to online retailers like Amazon.com or others. They have agreed that, whenever they make a purchase thanks to our website, we receive a certain percentage of these earnings. However, this does not influence our reviews or the final price of the products.

Liability Limitation

The writing team at HucksterRepellent.com struggles to provide accurate information regarding prices. However, as mentioned above, this information is liable to change. We are not to be held responsible for misinforming the users or for any damage they might suffer from this inaccurate information. Our liability extends as much as the law does.