How much does it cost to rent a cherry picker? It’s hard to give an exact answer to this question, as the final price varies based on a series of factors. Depending on the duration of the rental, elevation, and mobility, you can expect to pay anything between $300 and $1,500 per day or between $800 and $4,000 per week.

Variable by location.


The reason for the wide price range for cherry picker rentals is due to the many different types and sizes available. When determining the costs of cherry picker rentals, you will also have to account for any possible crew that will assist you. Without the proper training, cherry pickers can be dangerous to use, so it’s definitely worth paying for an operator.

The long answer to this question will tell you all about the rates that depend on vendors and location. Following that, you can read a breakdown of cherry picker rental costs and get details that will help explain their price.

Average Cherry Picker Rental/Leasing Costs

Elevation is the most significant factor in determining the cost of renting a cherry picker.

  • A cherry picker with an elevation of 30-35 feet/9-10 meters and an articulating arm will cost between $300-320 per day, $780 per week, or $1,900 per month.
  • For an elevation of 40-45 feet/12-13 meters and an articulating or telescopic arm, it will cost about $340 per day, $850 per week, or $2,000 per month.
  • A 60-foot/18-meter high cherry picker, regardless of the arm or power type, will cost about $340 per day, $850 per week, or $2,900 per month.
  • An 80-85 foot/24-26 meter high cherry picker will cost about $715 per day, $2,070 per week, or $5,300 per month.
  • A top of the line cherry picker with an elevation of 120 feet/36.5 meters that is also diesel-powered and has articulating or telescoping arms will cost about $1,500 per day, $4,000 per week, or $10,600 per month.

Other important factors that will determine the rental rates are the type and height of the platform and whether you will be renting the cherry picker daily, weekly or monthly.

Some of the most common cherry picker types include trailer mounted or vehicle mounted pickers, self-propelled machines, and machines with hydraulic or articulating arms.

Cherry pickers also vary in the way that they move and how they are powered. Boom lifts for indoor use are usually electric and have smaller tires. Boom lifts for outdoor use are diesel powered and feature a four-wheel drive. Dual use lifts are the most practical, as they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Additional Costs

Some additional fees to take into account when determining the costs of renting a cherry picker include mobilization and demobilization. These come at prices between $100 and $150. Damage insurance also fits the additional cost category, and it’s typically about 9% of the rental fee, as well as an environmental fee of $1-5.

The help of an operator may or may not be included in the rental price. Paying extra for a technician to operate the machinery is worth it if you have no experience, training, and/or certification to operate it yourself.

Before you sign your rental or lease agreement, be sure to read it carefully and look for any potential traps or shady clauses such as bait and switch schemes or evergreen clauses. You can find more information on them in the Rental/Lease Agreement section below.

Top Companies Offering Cherry Picker Rental/Lease

United Rentals

  • Multiple locations serviced (check website)
  • Founded in 1997
  • Largest equipment rental company in the world
  • Service in 49 states and 10 Canadian provinces
  • 1,050 rental locations in North America and 11 in Europe
  • Owns over $12.4 billion of fleet
  • Provides customer service professionals
  • Committed to safety
  • On-site shop services
  • Sustainability

United Rentals

Sunbelt Rentals

  • Multiple locations serviced (check website)
  • One of the largest equipment rental companies in North America
  • More than 725 locations
  • Digital rental management
  • Safety training provided to customers
  • Rental protection plan offers additional coverage

Sunbelt Rentals

Hertz Equipment Rental Corp (HERC)

  • Multiple locations serviced (check website)
  • More than 50 years of service
  • Premier, full-service rental firm
  • Over 275 locations in the US and Canada
  • Own $3.65 billion in fleet
  • Committed to safety
  • Sustainability

Hertz Equipment Rental Corp


Cost to Buy Cherry Picker vs Rental/Lease?

Buying a cherry picker is a major investment. The price for a new cherry picker ranges from $25,000 to $100,000, while a used cherry picker will have a price between $10,000 and $75,000.

By renting or leasing a cherry picker, you will spend less money upfront, and you won’t have to worry about paying for upkeep, repairs, or storage. While a business might find it convenient and cost effective to purchase its own cherry picker, renting or leasing is a better option for occasional use.


International Cherry Picker Costs

How much does it cost to rent a cherry picker internationally? Here is some information about the average rates in Canada and the UK, and also discover the most important companies that take care of this in each country. The prices are a bit lower in both countries, but there aren’t major differences.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Cherry Picker in Canada?

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  • Average rates:
    • 125-foot boom lift – C$880/day, C$2,800/week, C$8,140/month;
    • 80-foot articulated boom lift – C$550/day, C$1,760/week, C$4,400/month;
    • 60-foot articulated boom lift – C$330/day, C$880/week, C$2,640/month.
  • Important companies in Canada:
    • Coneq Rentals rents throughout Ontario, offers great customer support, competitive prices, and fast delivery.
    • CanLift Equipment is a family owned and operated lift equipment rental and sales company in Ontario which offers a wide array of products at affordable prices.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Cherry Picker in the UK?

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  • Average rates:
    • 40ft picker costs 80-100 GBP ($102.5-$128) a day and 200-300 GBP ($256-$384.5) a week;
    • A large boon type cherry picker with an operative costs 400-550 GBP ($513-$705) per week;
    • A 10m self-operated scissor lift is 185 GBP ($237) + VAT per day or 320 GBP ($410) per week;
    • In the end, a self-operated 12m boon lift is 250 GBP ($320.5) + VAT per day or 480 GBP ($615) per week.
  • Important companies in the UK:
    • Nationwide Hire delivers on the same day across the UK, has 9,000 UK locations, and 5 million products.
    • Dragon Access is an independently owned and run company located in Cardiff, Bristol, Newport, and Swansea, which offers competitive prices. Machines can be hired alone or with an experienced operator.

Cherry Picker Rental/Lease Agreement Things to Watch Out for

Rental and leasing companies might include very shady clauses in their agreements, assuming that nobody reads the whole document. Therefore, it is important to protect yourself by taking the time to carefully read such agreements. For this, you need to be aware of some common scams and shady practices. Here is what you need to look out for.

  • Evergreen clauses, which require you to notify the company within a certain time if you aren’t planning on renewing your contract. Otherwise, the contract gets renewed automatically.
  • Advanced fee scams, which require a large deposit before your application is approved.
  • Bait and Switch schemes that advertise fake low rates.
  • Equipment leasing calculators on websites – when they are fraudulent, they will promise you the best rate and commit you to the lease only to discover that you don’t qualify for that rate.

Last but Not Leased?

Therefore, how much does it cost to rent a cherry picker? The long answer is that it depends on the type of cherry picker you will use, how long you will need it for, or whether you need a professional operator. Because prices vary and lease agreements can be tricky, you should be sure to check the market and read the contracts carefully before signing anything.

If you have rented or leased cherry pickers before, please share with us your experience and opinions on this topic.

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