There are various factors which can influence the price of kickboxing classes. You may regard them as either expensive or cheap, as the overall price can vary quite a lot based on your location, instructor, and a series of other deciding factors.

Variable by location.


Coming up with an exact answer on how much kickboxing classes cost is difficult, as classes vary in price depending on where you live, for one. Also, your instructor’s education and skill level will influence the price of the lessons. However, you are the one that decides in the end. You can pick kickboxing classes that are more accessible in terms of price or, if want and can do it, go for a pricier class.

In the following long answer, you will find out more about these varied prices that depend on location and instructor. You can read a breakdown of the kickboxing costs and get details that will help explain them.

Average Prices

  • On average, kickboxing classes can cost anywhere from $20 – $150.
  • A single class will usually be around $50, though some trainers will charge as low as $10 or as high as $80.
  • Classes can be purchased on a monthly basis.
  • Many instructors will charge, on average, around $125 a month for weekly classes. This breaks the average class cost down to around $21 a lesson.

Additional Costs and Options

There are several ways to find inexpensive kickboxing classes. However, some options may end up costing you more than you realize.

Some gyms will offer kickboxing classes, together with other classes, through a membership. These will cost around $65 a month. Other gyms will offer kickboxing classes for the set membership price. This means that you’ll probably pay around $100 a month for a gym membership and you can take any kind of classes you like.

However, this seemingly most inexpensive way to receive kickboxing classes may have some hidden costs. Purchasing a gym membership for a place that includes kickboxing classes is a great choice for those who were already considering paying for such a ‘subscription’. However, if you’re doing it only to get access to the included kickboxing classes, you may find yourself locked into a contract that can cost you more in the long run.

The membership option is a money-saving alternative if you want full benefits and a variety of activities. However, you won’t save money if you do it only for kickboxing. In this case, it’s a better idea to just find an instructor or sign up just for the one class.

Top Places to Find Kickboxing Classes

how much do kickboxing classes cost

24 Hour Fitness BODYCOMBAT™ Kickboxing

  • This gym has multiple locations across 13 states in the US.
  • They have a total of over 420 clubs.
  • Apart from cardio kickboxing body combat classes, you can also learn many other types of martial arts.
  • Their prices vary depending on your membership package.
    • These range from $29.99 to $150 per month.
  • By signing a year-long contract, you can get lower monthly prices and discounted services.
  • With multiple membership packages and a long list of member services, this might be the best option for kickboxing classes on a budget.
  • This gym also offers a wide variety of fitness classes.

24 Hour Fitness BODYCOMBAT™ Kickboxing

LifeTime Fitness Club Cardio Kickboxing Classes

  • This gym has over 100 locations across 28 states.
  • They are one of the smaller national chains that offer kickboxing classes.
  • The gym cost for a single person can range, on average, from $60 to $150 per month.
  • The types of classes offered may vary depending on your gym’s location but, generally, they will offer some form of kickboxing or other MMA classes.
  • This is one of the most highly-rated national gym establishments in the US.
  • They have great membership packages and impressive facilities.
  • On the downside, they are a smaller chain with fewer locations than some of their larger competitors.

LifeTime Fitness

Gold’s Gym Classes and Instructors

  • Gold’s Gym has around 800 locations across the US.
  • They started in California and have, since then, spread across the country.
  • Their gyms span from California to the eastern seaboard.
  • It’s an American chain of co-ed fitness clubs.
  • These gyms offer a variety of classes and member packages without contracts.
  • As mentioned above, they do not force you to sign a contract but tend to be pricey if you aren’t a member.
  • Their most inexpensive package is $29.99 a month with a down payment of $149 and will cost around $510 if you use it for an entire year.

Gold’s Gym

International Prices

How much do kickboxing classes cost if you’re outside the United States? Prices can vary from country to country, depending on various laws and different economic statuses. In Canada, kickboxing prices are pretty similar to the US prices, while those in the UK are a bit lower. The cheapest rates are in India, but even there you can find several classes that are charged more.

How Much do Kickboxing Classes Cost in Canada?

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  • Generally, kickboxing classes in Canada range from C$75 to C$100 a class.
  • Certain package rates and gym sponsored classes might drop their prices to less than C$20 per class.
  • However, prices will vary depending on what part of Canada you’re living in.

How Much do Kickboxing Classes Cost in the UK?

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  • On average, an 8-week class will cost around 140 GBP ($180).
  • Single classes are offered at around 15 GPB ($23).
  • Monthly classes in the UK range from 80 to 93 GBP ($102.5 to $119).

How Much do Kickboxing Classes Cost in India?

  • Prices in India vary the most and are most often subject to change.
  • Classes can range from $10 per class to over $125.


Is the Price Right?

So how much do kickboxing classes cost, actually? As you can see, this depends on where you live, how good your instructor is, and the cost of your package deal.

Generally, the most inexpensive classes will come with a gym membership. Individual class prices can range from $10 to $125 per class, which is a pretty big difference. We want to hear about your kickboxing experiences!

Feel free to leave us your feedback and give us tips on discovering the best prices and where to find them.

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