How much does skydiving cost? If you’ve been wondering, note that the price of a skydiving session greatly depends on the day of the week, location, and altitude of your leap.

        Variable by location.


In addition to the things mentioned above, you should know that fees vary according to your skill level. Beginners will have to pay for additional services, such as video and photo packages, instructor fees, gear rental, and so on.

The following long answer features prices depending on service providers and leap location. Following that, you can read a breakdown of skydiving costs and details explaining them.

Average Skydiving Prices

  • The basic price of a tandem skydiving session varies between $99 and $250, depending on where you’ll be taking the leap, its altitude, and the day of the week.
  • This standard package includes equipment fees and your part in paying for the airplane’s fuel.
  • Choosing a lower altitude means that the freefall will be shorter, and thus less expensive.
  • For a fully loaded skydiving session, you will have to pay between $209 and $450. This package contains photos and videos of your adventure, as well as a tip for the instructor.
  • Recording your experience with photos and videos is recommended especially for beginner skydivers.
  • Most people choose to skydive on weekends, which means that the prices are higher, on average, by $20 or $30.
  • Groups, students, and military staff usually benefit from discounts.

Additional Costs

Skydiving doesn’t present any additional costs, per se. There are several types of packages available, as we already pointed out in the above. This means that the price is always upfront, and no supplementary fees should come up. However, there are two aspects that need to be discussed in this scenario, namely the photo and video tax, and the tip for the instructor.

Recording your session is a great opportunity if you are a first-time skydiver. The service will add an extra $100 to $150 to the price of the jump if you select a professional camera flyer. For handheld cameras, prices are lower, as you will pay between $90 and $110 dollars. Each variant comes with its own set of benefits.

In the case of the professional camera flyer, you are getting the best quality photo and video package possible. He or she will capture the entirety of your experience from an outside perspective, from the leap and all the way to the landing. The handheld camera is a lot more personal, providing close-up imagery from under the canopy.

As for the tip for the instructor, this isn’t a mandatory selection. Most skydiving services include them as a gratuity, but tipping is always a nice touch. After all, this person helped make sure that you were safe every step of the way. It is customary to leave a 10 to 20% tip, which generally translates to $20 to $40.

Top Places to Go Skydiving

Waialua, Hawaii

  • Waialua is the most beautiful location for skydiving in the United States.
  • The volcanic archipelago of Hawaii is known for its blue waters, white beaches, and lush forests. Skydiving over them is the perfect occasion to see all this beauty from a new perspective.
  • Skydiving Hawaii offers three leap options, namely 12,000 feet, 14,000 feet, and 20,000 feet.
  • The last option is the highest jump and it takes place over Oahu, with a freefall that lasts around 100 seconds.
  • A basic tandem skydive package is priced at $250.
  • If you make online reservations with Skydive Hawaii, you can have a go at the 12,000-foot leap for just $175. The 14,000-foot one will cost $200 in this case.
  • The 20,000-foot Oahu jump retails for $1,600 dollars, which is to be expected due to its complexity and uniqueness.

Skydive Hawaii

Anchorage, Alaska

  • The natural scenery in Alaska is unreal, which is what makes Anchorage a prime skydiving destination in the United States of America.
  • Here, you can witness the untamed beauty of the Last Frontier from 10,000 feet in the air.
  • The packages offered by the Alaska Skydive Center follow an ascending route over Denali National Park, the highest peak in North America.
  • The landing takes place over the virgin waters of the Cook Inlet and the vegetation around it.
  • Alaska Skydive Center offers three skydiving packages, namely Basic, Standard, and Titanium.
  • The Basic package costs $300 and it doesn’t include anything other than the 10,000-foot tandem jump.
  • The Standard package allows you to choose between video or photo recordings, and it comes at $409.
  • The Titanium package includes both photos and videos of your jump at the price of $444.

Alaska Skydive Center

Key West, Florida

  • This skydiving location offers the ideal panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, as well as the Key West islands united by the Overseas Highway.
  • Being two miles up in the air offers an unmatched view of the stunning coral reefs which are the Sunshine State’s pride and joy.
  • Divers can achieve a speed of 120 miles per hours when dropping to the landing point.
  • Skydive Key West charges $245 per person for a full-option tandem skydive, but without photo and video fees included.
  • For recordings, each diver will have to pay an additional charge of $120.

Skydive Key West

International Prices

How Much Does Skydiving Cost in Canada?

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  • The average price of a basic tandem skydive in Canada is of 300 dollars.
  • Many service providers charge extra for teenagers or overweight divers. Thus, taxes from 70 to 110 dollars may apply depending on the situation.
  • Standard photo and video fees are in the $125 range.

How Much Does Skydiving Cost in the UK?

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  • Standard skydiving prices in the United Kingdom vary between 199 pounds and 318 pounds. This places them in the $250 to $400 range.
  • Prices vary according to the number of participants, the jump altitude, and location.

How Much Does Skydiving Cost in India?

  • Solo jumps in India cost, on average, 17,750 rupees or $240.
  • Tandem skydives clock in at a median of 31,600 rupees, which converts into $430.

Is the Price Right?

So, how much does skydiving cost? The answer to this question depends on the package you will go for, as well as the jump’s altitude and location. Choosing to do it either on a weekday or during the weekend also impacts the total price. Other services, such as tipping the instructor and photographing and/or recording your session also come into play.

Do you have any experience skydiving? Let us know, and feel free to leave any feedback on the information presented in our article.

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